When I went to the International Beauty Show on March 7, 2010 (see my review here) I picked up several nail polishes, two of which were Dashing Diva’s True Color Base & Top Coats.   They were being sold at IBS for $2 each (larger bottles ($5 – regretting not getting them).  The original price, I’m not really sure of, but I’ll update the post with the price as soon as I find out.  I do know that these base & top coats are only available through Dashing Diva Professional membership.

The purpose of both True Color products are to ensure your polish, when painted on your nails shows true to color, and not oxidize or fade as some polishes do over-time.   The base coat is white, to ensure the nail polish you’re applying is going on a clean, clear “canvas” – kind of like applying an nude or white eyeshadow base.

Does it work?: Yes.  Both products work really well.  My nail polish went on smoothly, true to color, and dried quickly without using a quick-dry product.  Also, the polish I applied lasted a week or so without chipping.  I didn’t experience any bubbling of my polish either. 

***During IBS I also purchased Essie’s 3-Way Glaze base & top coat. My nail polish lasted for a week, but the color changed so many times within that one week. My Tarte Deco Polish went from Coral, to Orange, to Neon Pink in some areas. 

Would I recommend?: Definitely. If you are able to find it. Pick up a bottle – or two.

Will I re-purchase?:  Most definitely! I just need to find it. I havent’ checked my Dashing Diva location to see if they sold it.  When I did go last week, they didn’t use this base & top coat, so I don’t know.

These are my nails painted with OPI Jade is the New Black on Saturday, March 27, 2010
These are my nails today (I just snapped this at work). Absolutely no chipping, just some new growth. My nails grow fast since I’ve been taking my Nutralite Women’s Pack.
What are your favorite base & top coats?
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4 Comments on Review: Dashing Diva True Color Base & Top Coat

  1. love your review :)good work. ummm i don’t have a favorite, i just use whatever there and looks good 🙂
    <3 huong

  2. I love green nails! I just purchased Leaf Him At the Alter by OPI (I think) at Sephora.

    But that’s not your question. I have not found a good base and top coat yet. No matter what I use, I have to paint my nails every 2 to 3 days.

  3. Oh wow, I never thought nail polish could oxidize :O and I was only just recently introduced to the eyeshadow base equivalent for nails – I cant believe I never thought of it before!

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