In no specific order, here’s a listing of my top 10 favorite beauty/makeup bloggers.  These ladies (men) have great information, tutorial, and reviews.  They are also professionals with years of experience in the makeup industry (at least most of them), who offer great advice on how to be a successful Makeup Artist (MUA).

1. Erin Scandalous
2. Makeup by Tiffany D
3. Makeup by Ren Ren
4. Temptalia
5. iCraiz (crazy with eyeshadow application)
6. Krawls80 (SICK eyeshadow application)
7. Goss Makeup Artist
8.The Makeup Dolls – Bridal Beauty
9. Queen of Blending 
10. Milan Rouge 

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  1. Oh my goodness! Me? Seriously…thank you so much for the shout out and for me even making it on YOUR list! You are awesome..I’m trying to get like you. LOL. Keep doing what you’re doing and sharing your videos…I love them! Thanks so much! 😉

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