Taking off eye makeup is extremely important especially before going to bed. It can smear and give you an unsightly look in the morning or get into your eyes and possibly cause an infection. The skin around the eye area is sensitive and all makeup should be taken off with caution.
The best way to take off eye makeup is to…
1. Soak (do not heavily saturate so that excess product leaks into your eye) a cotton ball with eye makeup remover.
***If you don’t have eye makeup remover you can opt for olive oil, baby oil, or petroleum jelly as long as you’re not allergic to either.
2. Close your eye and sit the soaked cotton ball on your closed eyelid for a few seconds to loosen the makeup. This is especially important for waterproof eye makeup sinceit makes removing the makeup 100% easier. 
3. Wipe makeup off with the soaked cotton ball, but use a dry cotton ball afterward to soak up any excess product.
4. Rinse your face after eye makeup removal to get rid of any eye makeup residue. Splash your face thoroughly with water.
This is the one I use, Artistry essentials Eye & Lip Makeup Remover Price: $13.95 (Good product)

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