Wetting your sponge is especially important when applying foundation (liquid/cream) because it prevents the foundation from going on too thick; therefore, taking away the appearance of a cakey, heavily made up face.

When I say “wet” I don’t mean soak! There’s a difference. The sponge should be damp. 

This is what it does:
1. It keeps the sponge from absorbing too much foundation = less product used, which saves you money. 
2. It makes even the heaviest full coverage foundations and concealers go on sheer and light.

3 Comments on Tip: Foundation Application – Wet Your Sponge!!!

  1. I gave up using sponges years ago. How does the sponge compare to brushes and do you prefer sponges over brushes? Thanks

  2. I actually use both. Especially if I am going for light coverage, I use the sponge. I personally prefer brushes over sponges though.

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