I joined Planet Fitness Gym (click link for offer expires February 26th, 2010) yesterday, not only because it was a great deal; $20/month, with a $39 one-time annual fee (for the Black Card Membership) with a good amount of perks, but because after a certain event in my life (way too personal to share) I went up to 133 lbs!!! The biggest I’ve ever been (I’ve always been a “small” girl), and don’t plan on being that big unless for a good reason like pregnancy.  I also want to be & stay healthy.

 It was HARD getting the weight off, but after eating right, and making very small changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator, taking the bus that drops me 4 blocks from my house instead of the one that drops me one block away has truly made a huge difference.  I’m down to 125.75 lbs now! Very close to where I was before, which was 123 lbs.  For my height, my Body Mass Index (BMI) was “normal” at 133lbs, but that’s not okay for me because I was never that size, and a few pounds over, I’d be overweight!  My goal weight is 120 lbs.  Even when I was 109 lbs (too skinny for me in my opinion) I’ve always wanted to be at that weight & maintain it.  123 lbs is good too.  I am 5.75 lbs away from my goal, and I know with some hard work, it will be easy to achieve. I plan on going to the gym at the very least three times a week, 

I know there are people who are ashamed to talk about their weight for whatever insecurity, but I am not.   I’m sharing this because I know there are some people who might be in the same predicament as me, and finds my story encouraging or vice versa.

I’ll keep those of you who are interested up-to-date.  

Thanks for reading!

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6 Comments on Personal Post: I Joined a Gym!!!

  1. Hi Kim,
    Bravo for taking your health and well-being into your own hands doll. I totally understand what you mean. I am 5’6 and at my heaviest 133-142, I felt it, my knees, my back…But to the outsiders I look fine. But I know my body and my ideal weight has always been 126-127. So I have re-introduced Jillian Michael Shred into my life…I am back to 127 and lovin’ it….DO YOU…WORK IT….I LOVE YOUR HAIR….

  2. Thank you so much for the positive words. People don’t understand that I’m doing this for me, not for them. Associates & friends of mine have said that I look fine don’t lose anything (mostly men). I feel the difference in the same areas, and I’m a little sluggish.

    How long was it until you began to see results from the Jillian Michaels routine?

    Thank you for the compliment on my hair. I’m in between deciding on growing it out or keeping it short.

  3. You go Kim! I joined AMFAM with my whole family to get off weight I gained afer having my two beautiful girls!! I’ve got a lot to lose, about 40 pounds!! But I know I can do it! I’ve been going to classes and feeling great and look forward to continuing a healthy lifestyle so I can be around to bug my girls as an old lady!!

  4. how tall are you?? i think you and i prolly have same height (Based on BMI) (my idea weight is 109 – 133, i think)

    as a girl, i wouldnt mind sharing with you that when you account for weight, look at how else your body have grown too. i mean, for a while i’ve always compared my weight to when i was 13; pre-puberty. i had been upset that my waist is down to 24 and still my weight is like 5 lbs away from that. of cos that time i am definitely under depression and other sorts of problems, and never “see” that i’ve grown into a womanly figure with breasts and butts, and taller. i dont think you’re only 109 in the first picutre, which i think you’ll agree is gorgeous (blue sky and clear water contributes too :p)
    anyway, see if your gym offers Zumba? i lost like 3 lbs after each session.

  5. @NV You can do it! At least you have a reason… two kids!

    I don’t starve myself; I still eat the things i love. Some people just cut out all things & are miserable. Once they stop their “diet” weight is back on.

    @Emily I am 5’3″

    The pic you’re talking about I was 123. I have no pics up of when I was 109; I was grossly & disgustingly skinny. I don’t ever wish to be that small again.

    As far as curves & my womanly figure, it’s not that, nor is it I’m un-happy with that. I LOVE my curves! I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I’d like to be where I was before, and more toned.
    My sister teaches Zumba, but, unfortunately that’s like 25 miles away.

  6. I think everyone has concerns with their weight but I understand how you feel. You know that I’ve been a stick figure since JHS lol but when I graduated college I weighed 109lbs (smh) and when I was working in an office over the summer after graduation, I shot up to 127 so that was 18lbs I gained over 3 months. Then I lost the weight again and I was between 113-115 for about 2 1/2yrs. It wasn’t until I turned 25 that I started gaining weight again. I’m 123lbs now and I was going crazy when my jeans wouldn’t fit because I gained almost 10 lbs. I know people would tell us we are crazy because we are still generally small, but I know how I want my body to look and so that’s all that matters. My ideal weight is actually about 125-130, but I want it to be spread evenly on my time….lol I wasn’t ready for the weight that I did gain, but I’m not sad are far off from where I want to be. Kudos to your committment to your health! Good luck with losing the 5.75 lbs! Send it my way so we can both reach our goals lol

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