MAC releases their Spring Color Forecast in four different collections to capture the colors of the season.  I’m excited about this. I will probably place my order this weekend! I already placed items from each of these collections in my cart :o)
1. Spring Colour 1 Forecastfeatures pink eyeshadows, pigments, lip sticks, blush, nail polish and lipglass, as well as a perfume
    Eyeshadow: Rosy Outlook, Da Bling, Very Violet, LaLa
    Crushed Metal Pigments: Stacked 1
    Lipstick: Phlox, Bubblegum, Pink Burst, Laugh Alot
    Tinted Lipglass: Culture Clash, Electric Fuschia, Hush Hush Rose
    Blush Ombre: Azalea Blossom
    Nail Polish: Galore Pink
2. Spring Colour 2 Forecast – is a collection of corals (eyeshadows, pigments, lip sticks, and tinted lipglass) also a perfume
    Eyeshadow: Nano Gold, Straw Harvest, Perky, Hot Hot Hot
    Crushed Metal Pigments: Stacked 2
    Lipstick:  Colour Me Coral, Victorian, Fresh Salmon, Rose Maiden
    Tinted Lipglass: Cha Cha, Ember Glow, Kumquat
    Blush Ombre: Ripe Peach
    Nail Polish: Malibu Peach
3. Spring Colour 3 Forecast is a collection of plum eyeshadows, pigments, lipsticks, and lipglass
    Eyeshadow: Colour 3 Eyeshadow X4
    Lipstick:  Radiccio, Hang-Up
    Tinted Lipglass: Lavender Wind, Purple Rage
    Blush Ombre: Vintage Grape
    Nail Polish: Imperial Splendour
4. Spring Colour 4 Forecast features golden/amber eyeshadows, pigments, lipsticks, and lipglass
     Eyeshadow: Coulour 4 Eyeshadow X4
    Lipstick:  Beigeland, Bronzilla
    Tinted Lipglass: Almondine, Gold dust
    Blush Ombre: Spring Shine
    Nail Polish: Albalone Shell


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