While I was at work today, I spent maybe 25% of the time doing my real job and 75% of the time doing research on how to be a successful MUA.  I spent a lot of my time on http://www.specktra.net/.  There’s a lot of good advice on there as far as how to apply makeup, the best makeup for your skin type & tone, how to become a freelance makeup artist etc.  Thanks to Makeup by RenRen and Erin at Scandalous beauty for directing so many people like myself to such an informational site.

I know a lot of you (I know I was) were probably wondering how MUA’s who are just starting out afford most of the products they have in their kits.  Many cosmetic companies offer discounts (up to 40%) to makeup artist professionals.  The most well-known is MAC PRO (click the link for info – $35 for membership). Then you have others like STILA, NARS (super hard to get especially if you’re just starting out), Nixie, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Smashbox and many others.  I’ll do a post later to tell you all of the ones who offer professional discounts, and their requirements.

Today, I printed out the MAC PRO membership, and Smashbox Pro applications (faxed them in too!)  I’m PRAYING I see a $35 charge to my card from MAC because that means I was approved!!! Hello 30-40% off.  Do you know how much I’ll save?!?  Pray for me.

I also signed up for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics professional discounts, which I was approved for almost instantly.  I’m waiting on Nixie, NYX, and two others.

Make sure you have a business card, a resume, professional recommendations, comp card, tear sheets if you want to apply for any of the discounts offered by these companies.

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  1. Hey Kim….I saw this beauty blog (forgot the site sorry) but this lady is a professional makeup artist and she uses BH cosmetics in addition to MAC NARS Smashbox etc. They have eyeshadow palettes with up to 120 colors and lip color palettes with up to 66 colors and the most expensive palette is $30 check it out. Oh and good luck!!

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