People always compliment me on my skin – the softness, clarity, and youthful appearance of my skin. When I do my make-up or a friends, I get compliments as well. I’m not a professional but, I do know a few tips and tricks. Plus, whatever I don’t know, I learn quick and easy.

First, how do I keep my skin looking fresh and break-out free?!?

Before I started using the Proactiv 3-Step System a little over a year ago, I had already had clear skin. I figured, using this would help to keep me from getting breakouts period! And it did!
  1. Have a great skincare routine – cleanse, tone, moisturize daily or twice daily depending on skin type (dry skin – cleanse less). Also, try using a mask at least once a week. I use the Proactiv Refining Mask once a week or for spot treatment, and it makes a blemish disappear over night.
  2. I always drink water. Plenty water keeps the skin from looking dry… It helps carry nutrients to every cell in your body; flushes out toxins; improves circulation & bloodflow.
  3. Naps – I try to take as many naps as I can, when I can. Everyone needs some kind of beauty rest. No one wants dark circles under their eyes.
  4. Take your vitamins! – Your skin is the fingerprint of what is going on inside your body. Vitamins C, E, A, K, and B complex can all help improve skin health.
  5. Never touch your face with your hands. Your hands carry so many nasty germs!!!
  6. Sex ..::LOL::.. Sex releases chemicals in your body that help reduce stress and helps prevent breakouts. “When your body becomes heated, harmful toxins are flushed from your system. Then there are the benefits to be had from the boost in circulation. As your heart rate increases, more blood is pumped throughout your body, especially your face. The result is that everything from elastin fibres to the skins natural collagen are plumped and firmed. Finally, all those endorphins (the hormones released by the brain that mimic the effect of morphine) that are released during sex can make your complexion look as good as you feel. ” – Savvy Women Magazine.Com

As far as make-up goes (I LOVE EVERYTHING M.A.C.!), I do not wear heavy make-up, such as foundation. If your skin is pretty much clear, you don’t need to use a heavy foundation. Foundation, especially if applied incorrectly can sometimes look cakey and/or make you look too fake or over-done.

My favorite products are as follows:
M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Dark

M.A.C Sheer Pressed Powder NC45 ( I stopped using this & began using the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, which gives me a nice, clean, sheer, light coverage that lasts.)
M.A.C Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer – Works well for under your eyes and spot treatments for small/minor blemishes
Sephora Brand Ultimate Blockbuster (Collector’s Edition): I love this because I have SO MANY eyeshadows to work with – you should use a cream color base or eyeshadow primer if you want the colors to popM.A.C. Cream Color Base: Improper Copper – I love this one because I’m usually wearing shadows in the gold/brown/bronze family and it works well with those. It also give you a nice fresh glow when used on your cheeks

M.A.C. Powder Blush: SpringSheen, Format, DollyMix (they all work well together especially if layered and blended correctly)

M.A.C. Lipglass: Pink Poodle (bright pink) & Nymphette (pinkish with gold undertones)
M.A.C. Eyeshadow: Expensive Pink – I LOVE this alone or as a highlighter for my brow bone.

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